Shopping Cart 101

Step 1 : Select "Our Products" and look for the products that you are interested.

Step 2 : Select "Add to Cart" to start placing your order on your favourite products.

Step 3: Once you selected “Add to Cart”, you will be directed to this page. Click “Next” to proceed to next page to select shipping method and payment method.
Enter Promo code here if you have any promo code to enjoy special offers from us and click “Apply” Continue Shopping to be directed back to select more products.

Update Cart to refresh your shopping cart.
Empty Cart to clear off your selected items in the cart.

Step 4 : For order below RM50, you are required to select “Skynet: RM6.00” as shipping method.

For orders above RM 50, you will be entitled for Free Shipping and there will be a green message box notifying you. You are not required to select for shipping method.

Step 5 : After that, you are required to select “Payment Method”. You need to select MOLPay to make your payment for your orders.

*P/S: credit card payment option will be made available in the near future.

Step 6: After clicking next, you will reach next page requiring you to key in your information such as name, address, contact number etc. Please ensure the information are correct as we will be sending products to you using the information provided by you.

If you already have registered an account with us, you just need to simply log in using your email address and password to retrieve the information.

Once all the information has been keyed in and click “Confirm Order” to proceed to payment page.

Step 7 : The page will ask for one more time of payment confirmation method, click “Proceed with Payment”

Once you have clicked “Proceed with Payment” on previous page, you will be directed to this page to make your payment. You may make payment via credit/debit card or via online banking by choosing “FPX” under “Payment Options” or via ePay @ Petronas or via 7 Eleven.

After every information has been keyed in, tick on “I here by agree with the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy” and click on “Pay online” to complete your payment order.

Thank You!